Ep. 14: Larry! The Breadsticks!

Shane is joined this week by Chris and Nicole while Ed and Joe are on vacation! The trio discusses:

  • Live streaming on Twitch
  • Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s open marriage/”entanglement”
  • Planning a wedding in a pandemic
  • The new 2021 Ford Bronco
  • The ever-popular Boston accent!

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Ep. 13: I Don’t Know If You Can Fix That, But Go Fix It

Shane and Joe are joined this week by special guest Nicole! The crew talks about:

  • A new Animorphs movie in development
  • L.A. Noire developer is working on a AAA VR game from Rockstar
  • Football and Fantasy Football!
  • Pat Mahomes record-setting half billion dollar contract
  • Larry Fitzgerald and real nice candlelit dinners

Ep. 11: Virtual Podcasts are Easier To Do

Shane, Joe, and Ed are back with another episode, and in a much more timely fashion this week! The guys talk this week about: Father’s Day, Shane’s recent camping trip, Twitch streamer and Internet celebrity Mat Best, the top 3-5 video games that meant the most to the guys growing up, and more!

Ep. 7: Why Would You Want a Puppy?

The boys are back with another one! This episode is a few weeks late, but that’s because Shane is busy and won’t let anyone other than himself edit the episodes. Or write his podcast descriptions. So yes, that means right now he’s describing himself in the 3rd person… Just listen to the newest episode from The Mancave Broadcast!

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