Episode 2: Women, Shoot Your Shot

We are back with Episode 2 of the newly rebooted Mancave Broadcast! Joe Farris of Jolandis Photography is back for the second installment of the show. Shane and Joe talk about quite a few topics this week ranging from Spiderman to empowering women. Fair disclosure on this episode: the last few minutes include talk about “creepy Youtube videos” in which Shane rants about the abundance of Youtube channels that are simply copying each other. You can choose to skip it if you want. It’s aight.

Episode 1: Welcome to the Mancave Broadcast!

The show must go on! For those of you who have never heard the show before, welcome! I’m glad to have you. I took about a four year break from the show but have recently decided to start again! This show is meant to be fun and spontaneous. We have a rough outline of what we’re talking about each week and see where the show takes us. This week I have Joe Farris of Jolandis Photography on the premiere return episode of the show! You can find legacy episodes of the Mancave Broadcast on our website at mancavebroadcast.com. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter!