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This episode is a special one! We’ve got the guys from, so come listen to Geoff, Dustin, JT and The ManCave Broadcast’s own Shane Murphy talk about San Diego Comic Con, superheroes, the deep unconditional love Dustin has for Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, and more!

LEGACY EPISODE: Season 2, Episode 2

Shane, Ed, and Christi talk about E3, life over the last year, and the Confederate flag (editor’s note: I mistakenly said 13 states seceded from the Union during the Civil War around the 52 minute mark, it was actually 11. My bad. – Shane Murphy)

Also, if you haven’t checked out the Youtube page yet, check it out here!

ManCave Broadcast Reviewing E3

We’ll be doing reviews of each major conference at E3 this year and putting them on YouTube! Join us for the fun June 14th-16th.  It’s going to be a hell of a busy E3.  is starting the conference hot on Sunday, June 14th with Fallout and I’m assuming at least 1-2 other surprises. Then Microsoft, EA, , and Sony all on Monday. I’m glad I took that week off because that’s going to be exhausting!

Speaking of , big props to them for being so quick to my request and giving permission to use their footage in our Youtube reviews! And then wrapping up reviews on Tuesday with Square Enix and the PC Gaming Show! Seven review shows in total. Also we’ll definitely be live tweeting the shows, so expect a lot of updates over those days!

Would you like to see a final eighth wrap up review as well? Like a best of show, maybe see what we considered the best and worst of E3?

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– Shane Murphy

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